Actor/ Writer/ Director/ Teacher

This past summer I traveled to Asolo, Italy and visited Eleonora Duse's grave .  She was the actor my teachers at the Neighborhood Playhouse pointed to as the  premiere example of the kind of artist they intended their training to produce.  We read George Bernard Shaw's reviews of her performances in London.  GBS was astounded at how Duse lived the role on stage, actually blushed when the actor playing her lover entered the room.

Let me introduce myself...

I was born in Chicago, studied and  lived most of my life in New York City, and now I reside  in Winston-Salem, NC where I teach acting at the UNC School of the Arts.

I like to act, write and direct.  I love to teach. Well, all of the former are teacherly pursuits.  Art is a  'corrective'  Edward AIbee once said.  That's why people sit in the dark and wait to see and hear and dream.  They want to correct something, their mood at the very least, but often they want to find an answer - a wiser, deeper, braver or more honest way to proceed.  That's the role of the artist - to be the witness to and the bearer of the truth, the real story.

Well, I do the best I can with that charge.  Mostly because it's a lot of fun and very gratifying.  To hear an audience laugh or blow their noses, or go utterly silent, or to see the light go on in a student's eyes as she surprises herself with a solution.  The best!

So welcome, enjoy and please pass on what if anything you learn.  Thanks!

 Eleonora Duse's house